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Cheapest trading platform for Forex?

Hi Everyone,
wonder if someone can recommend a cheap trading platform for forex. I am currently using IB but its $2.00 commission is carving too much of the profit. What is the trading platform you are using and why do you like it?
I really appreciate your comment !
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Low/Zero commission online broker comparison

I was trying to find the lowest cost brokers that aren’t just mobile apps that offer passive investments in the assets I’m looking for on top of the usual equity and bonds I already have.
I’m hoping this will help people in my situation. I looked for a comparison website and found: https://brokerchooser.com/ which helped but I still had to dig around to get the direct comparison I needed all in one easily visible table.
What are your thoughts and experiences on the below brokers like customer service etc with these platforms?
Trading212 looks to be the cheapest and best all round but I’ve read bad experiences.
To diversify my portfolio I’m looking at:
  1. Renewables funds,
  2. Commodities,
  3. Individual shares and Crypto (a very small gamble 1% of total)
  4. Property dev/REITs,
  5. Venture capital,
  6. Higher risk corporate Bonds,
1 - 4 Can be invested in via ETF’s offered by most of the online brokers below.
4 - 5 Can be invested in using the other platforms below: Crowdcube, Seedrs, Syndicate room, Crowdproperty.
1 and 6 I think need higher cost traditional brokers like HL/Black rock etc but I’m not sure.
Here’s my comparison:
Free trades per month Products Fees (deposit etc) FCA Regulated? Bank transfer or debit card?
Trading 212 Unlimited Stocks ETF/ETCs Forex Crypto ISA Free ISA, no trade fees, CFD account has charges inc: 0.5% currency conversion charge, no forex fees Yes Debit card: Yes - Bank transfer: Yes
TD Ameritrade Unlimited $0 for US stock $6.95 for non-US Cannot find on FCA register Cannot find on FCA register
eToro Unlimited Stocks ETF/ETCs Forex Crypto Commodities via CFD’s No ISA - $5 withdrawal fee - Deposit and withdrawal fee of 0.5% - exchange fee (50 pips) 0.5cent/$1 e.g $7.5 on $500 - If no activity for 12 months charged $10 per month - 0.75% fee to buy bitcoin Yes Debit card: Yes - Bank transfer: No
Freetrade Unlimited Mobile app only Stocks ETFs ISA ISA £3/month 0.90% forex fee Yes Debit card: No - Bank transfer: Yes
Revolut 3 Mobile app only Stocks Crypto Commodities No ISA Complex fee structure Yes Debit card: Yes - Bank transfer: Yes
Degiro Unlimited Stocks ETF Funds Bonds Options Futures Crypto No ISA High fees (complex structure) Yes Debit card: No - Bank transfer: Yes
Other investment platforms:

Investment type Fees (deposit etc) FCA Regulated? Pre-emption rights?
Crowd cube Venture capital 1.5% Yes No
Syndicate Room Venture capital High fees 2% set up fee 1.5% – 2.3% annual 20% performance fee Life-time management fees of between 12.5% and 24.3% Yes Yes
Seedrs Venture capital 7.5% of any profit Plus variable sale fees Yes Yes
Crowd property Property 0% fees however returns capped at 8%. Yes N/A

Have you used any of these before or do you have alternatives?

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Starting advice [Canada]

Hello, I really want to get into forex trading but there is so much that I do not know and I am not really sure where to look/what to trust. I cannot stress how little I know about this, but I figure that I have to start somewhere.
Some of the things I would really like to know: -What are the best online resources that you can recommend to get a better understanding of the whole process and basic terminology/strategies? -What are the basic things I need to know/do to get started (any advice really)? -What is the best and/or cheapest platform for a Canadian to trade on? -Is there any platforms I should steer clear from?
Thanks for you help!
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My trading theory leading up to launch

We are all pumped for this thing to get its legs, myself included. Buying ATH stung and seeing the price not return makes me antsy when there are alot of projects making good gains. Fuck em. The bottom of GVT is being bought as we speak and i guarentee the day before the launch we have a glorius green dildo. The dump will happen but it might not be as much as you think. Because while the first wave of gvt is swapped for manager tokens more people will be checking in as the week into launch progresses and if gvt is cheap fomo will continue. I do not think gvt will go under 15$ if it dumps but how high it goes on launch is anyones guess. Whales are retiring on this one do you really think they will let all us small fish dump the price? GVT has all the connections and forex market implementation! Thats ground breaking for GVT and crypto as a whole allowing a way for big money to slowly enter into crypto! ICO was a dollar and holders are up 1400%. At the US announcement sell off it went to 11$ implying that there is no fear looking ahead for large holders and this is just hyeneas fighting for scraps as long they can. I did double my stack during all this but im getting nervous binance is gonna pull a sneaky on us all and it will skyrocket! ALSO volume is almost 2/3 down with knock on wood stability at 14$ ALSO reading the comments from another thread one user mentioned managers might not even market sell GVT but use its value as leverage to be decided at the end of the trading period. This makes a lot more sense to me if you consider how other platforms like bitmex opperate on a large scale. If the manager trades for a loss his stack is then liquidated (market sold) to reimburse investors and hes done. The market sell of that bad trader would then be bought back due to investors gaining more gvt from profit investors while the prices crashed from a market sell. MY FINACIAL ADVICE IS THIS: Have a drink, smoke some weed if its legal and rest easy knowing in a month youre back in the green before bitcoin even starts to take off again! The team is smart, not only are they set up in Ireland the cheapest tax country in the world, they themselves worked their asses off with 2million because they believe in themselves; so should you. Last thing is that OKEX will probably list GVT once its live its the 2nd largest exchange and all our price movement is whales on binance. A listing without a product hurts reputation.
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Basically, there are two types of trends, Uptrend, and Downtrend. Downtrend takes place when the price gets low over a period of time. Therefore downtrend is declared as the trend which is occurring in the lower part of the chart. In trade, both the uptrend and the downtrend takes place eventually. It is not that people carry out trade only during the uptrend, It is also possible during the downtrend as well. There is a specialist who is well trained to trade during the downtrend, and some seek an opportunity to trade. Here are some tips for you to carry out a trade during a downtrend.

When a bearish trend occurs, it is advisable to sell everything you have to get rid of losses and make money to buy the stocks while they are on the cheapest level. If you are in a plan to buy stock during the breakout to take profit, make it quick and fast, since the market may change at any point of time. Buying a mutual fund during a bearish market is not safe and do not invest all of your savings without having the knowledge of the tricky moves to adopt during a bearish market.

Do your research solely to get a better understanding of the market and consider taking some tips about the moves to follow during the downtrend from an advisor. Sometimes the advice of other people may not serve you during a downtrend because it might turn abruptly into a loss or gain. So apply your wit and consider only when you are sure that a particular downtrend is going to give you profit because sometimes the bearish market can go on for days and months, so plan and invest your money accordingly. If you are not experienced in the bear market investments, it is advisable to stay away during this trend.

Emotions play a big role in trading, which results in a heavy loss. Maintain a normal state of mind and avoid decisions that may l lead you to loss and stress. Be in contact with your brokerage firm and take wise decisions accordingly, this will only serve you with profits.
Alfa Financials offers a full suite of the best trading platform for beginners and professional traders. View our customized trader platforms, we are the trusted and experienced regulated online forex brokers for Forex, Futures, CFD and Currency Trading.
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Comparing Trading Platforms  $1,500 Charts or Free? [My ... Cheap VPS for forex trading Best Trading Platforms & Software For Beginners (2020 ... Best Forex Trading Software & Make $25,000 in 5 Days - YouTube Top 5 Trading Platform

I can’t say about the cheapest as I have tried about 4 brokers till now so don’t know what they rest are offering. But I think Finpro is very cheap, very cost effective. They are providing really tight spreads such as from 0.2 pips in case of vari... Our best forex trading platform list in November 2020 is. Pepperstone – Best MetaTrader 4 broker for forex traders. IG – Largest forex broker in the world with ProRealTime. OANDA – TradingView leading software platform. FXCM – Best forex trading app with NinjaTrader. TD Ameritrade – Best trading platform for US Traders. It’s important to trade cheap. Don’t forget that the fees can really take a bite out of your earnings. In this article we discuss where and how you can trade the cheapest.. Traditional versus modern trading. Most people still trade traditionally, mostly in stocks.A downside of traditional trading is the fact that you pay a fixed rate per trade. When doing Forex, serious traders are considering using cheap Forex VPS hosting suitable to the tracing’s time-sensitive nature. Therefore, due to low cost, FxSVPS providing cheapest Forex trading VPS is one of the keys to make your Forex mission an actual victory. PRICE JUST AT $1.3 MONTHLY This type of forex trading, where individuals get to trade via a platform is also known as ‘retail forex trading’, a term used to distinguish it from the more traditional type of forex trading. Even though it appeared only about 20 years ago, online forex trading is now a huge market and recent reports show that the daily trading turnover in 2016 was over $280 billion. There are numerous ... What is the cheapest trading platform for forex? Rather than finding the cheapest one try to look for the best one for you. Beacuse brokers importance and functionality changes from country to country. We can help you how to decide good a good broker. Look for one having an office in your country and 24*5 Support. As per your country FOREX rule and regulations, it should be legit. We will give ... Over the past decade, forex trading platform technology has continued to evolve steadily across devices, with a shift from desktop to web, and then to mobile. From among the 30 forex brokers we tested this year, it was clear that the best forex platforms continued to innovate. All in all, the best forex trading platforms provide customers a robust, feature-rich, seamless experience across all ...

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Comparing Trading Platforms $1,500 Charts or Free? [My ...

Click Here = http://9nl.at/iqoptionstrading -----­-­-­­­­­­­­­­-­----- Download Forex Trading Robot S... Check Out WeBull: https://act.webull.com/kol-us/share.html?hl=en&inviteCode=evOL9JOlHFh4 When you are a beginner trader and just getting started in the stock... When you are a beginner in the business of day trading, one of the most important tools you will need for success is an online trading platform. When traders... As a new trader, you don't want to waste money on expensive trading platforms because you will NOT use most of the features. Instead, stick to free ones beca... Live Forex Trading & Chart Analysis - NY Session August 4, 2020 Conquer Trading & Investing 717 watching Live now Top 10 Best Online Businesses For Beginners - Duration: 18:03.